Beginning in November 2016, the Island Scuba Day Boat Fleet will start to operate in Sri Lanka off he coast of Colombo offering 12 local shipwrecks ranging from only several years old to early last century. Many of the wrecks also serve as some of Sri Lankas best artificial reefs , both being covered in spectacular colored corals and supporting a wide range of fish life.


The daytrip boats that we offer in Colombo and Trincomalee vary in size, generally ranging between 33 – 40 metres. Typically these are all hard hull boats that cruise at 10 knots and carry between 20‐30 scuba divers, taking into consideration comfort levels and license numbers. They have a saloon, toilets and shower, sunbathing area, shaded area, dive deck with ladders and rinse tanks, and kitchen. There are normally a minimum of 5 boat crew and the necessary divemasters to service all divers each day on the boat. All the boats carry a 40 litre emergency oxygen tank, MFA kit, evacuation procedures, ship‐to‐shore radio and mobile phone contact, and life jackets.

10 Months itineraries on the east and west side of the island:


WEST COAST : Each day you can go out on one of our luxury 33 to 40 meter Day diving yachts, leaving Dickowita harbor to dive 2 wrecks along the West Coast of Sri Lanka between Negombo, North of Colombo and Kalutara to the South. There are 12 major wrecks off the coast line within recreational dive depths, like Thermopylae Sierra , The Chief Dragon Wreck, the Taprobane, The Pecheur Breton Cargo Wreck and the Trug Wreck. These marvelous wrecks cannot only be explored but also double as artificial reefs covered with coral and schooling fish. The site schedule is arranged locally on a day to day basis, depending on where the guests wish to dive, availability, weather conditions and guests’ experience.


EAST COAST : Each day you can go out on one of our luxury 33 to 40 meter whale watching/ snorkeling and Day diving yachts , leaving Trincomalee harbour and spend the morning seeking out close encounters with blue whales, sperm whales, brydes whales, Orcas, false killer whales, spinner and stripped dolphins with the goal to get you into the water and an up close and personal snorkeling encounter. Then after a beautiful buffet lunch, finish off the day with one or two scuba dives on one of Trincomalee’s local reefs.


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